In the last few years file sharing services have become more and more popular. They are making it easier and easier for people far and near to share files and photos with each other in an instant, something that seemed impossible 20 years ago. You’ve probably heard and seen many of these file sharing sites, heck you’ve probably waited in line to download files dozens of times. One of that sites is Extabit.

Extabit is a very popular international service for storage, safe file transfer, and distribution. The size of our servers is almost unlimited. All of them work on several gigabyte connections. There are no similar services today that can offer our level of quality. We are the best and fastest service for uploading, storing, and safe sharing of your files on the Internet! Have you ever thought of upgrading to a premium account?

Why is Extabit Premium account worth it?
You get unlimited downloading priority, this means that your able to bypass any wait times and or lines. The download speed that you receive will not be limited and therefore faster. One of the best things however is that you are able to download more than a single file at a given time, so long gone are the days in which you must sit and wait for one download to finish so that you can start the next one.


How to buy Extabit premium account?
You can buy it via Credit Cards (Master Card or Visa) and Web Money. We will add more options soon. Click on the following image or site banner to purchase your own Extabit premium account to enjoy unlimited parallel downloads with maximum speed!

Extabit premium account prices:


The overall benefits of online file sharing services like Extabit premium are hard to ignore. They have become an extremely valuable tool in the arsenal of a regular individual or a business. So the next time you are deciding how you want to host your files online, ask yourself this question: “How easy do I want to make this for myself?”

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